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Fintech Today started out as a free newsletter and small group of fintech nerds and friends on Slack.

Today, it's a community and media company for anyone and everyone looking to learn more about the space.

Come for the news updates, stay for the expert analysis and community events.

Who are we?

Julie VerHage julie_verhage.jpg

Julie VerHage-Greenberg is the co-founder of Fintech Today, where she focuses on editorial content and brand. Prior to joining, she was Bloomberg’s first fintech reporter, covering Robinhood from before it was a billion dollar company, breaking the news that Plaid was acquiring Quovo, and interviewing executives on Bloomberg TV and at several large conferences.

Ian Kar ian_kar.png

Ian Kar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fintech Today. He has been in fintech for 5+ years as both a reporter and a product manager. As a journalist at Quartz, he broke a number of major industry stories including the discounted transaction rate Apple negotiated with financial institutions for Apple Pay, product developments at Uber and Venmo, developments in the blockchain space, and major funding rounds. As a PM at Acorns, a micro investing app with 5M+ downloads, he was the product owner for “Grow,” an in-app financial education product. Leveraging his experience as a reporter covering the space, he developed a product that catered to Acorn’s millennial audience.


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