Hi everyone, Charley here. With all the hype in fintech around Robinhood’s upcoming IPO this year, we haven’t talked about another big offering coming up: Blend! The infrastructure platform company should be a really fun one to watch, not to mention, it’ll be an interesting comp for the number of other still private companies with similar business ...
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FTT+ Expert Charley Ma's Blend S-1 Deep Dive

The Big Interviews You Might Have Missed
Hi all, Julie here. Going to do a little shameless self promotion here, so bear ...
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FTT Update:
Miami Mayor Tells NYC Mayor to Hold His Beer
Hi all, Julie here. It’s Friday again! And there are only 7 of them left in 2021. ...
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Christmas.eth Came Early This Year
Hey everyone, Jordan here. Over the past 5-6 months, many of you avid Twitter users ...
FTT+ Expert Jenny Johnston:
Breaking Down Nubank’s IPO Filing
Hey team, Jenny here. I missed you! Please forgive my absence - it has not been ...
FTT Guest Post:
Jareau Wade On Square and the Holy Grail of Payments
Hi all! I’m Jareau and I’ve been building e-commerce and payments platforms for ...
FTT+ Expert John Collins:
Rohit Me Baby One More Time
Hi fintech friends, John here. If you haven’t already, you should be a good person ...

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