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Special edition of FTT today thanks to friend and Zodiac guru Kelsey Weaver! We were catching up a couple of weeks ago and somehow astrology came up (I had no idea she was into it), and I commented on how fun it would be to figure out which challenger bank people should be based on their sign. Well, a few days later, my inbox had a lovely message with all the info I needed. Thanks Kelsey! Bonus: tweet us which bank you’re supposed to be based on your sign, and you’ll be entered to win one of the famous FTT hats ;) Just be sure to tag us so we see it!

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Aries doesn't have time or patience to mess around. They want a bank account and they want it now. Sign up in less than 2 minutes? Current it is!

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.20.26 AM.png


Steady & measured, with an affection for nice things, MoneyLion is the kind of challenger bank that just might lure the bull away from their existing bank thanks to their auto-investing & credit building features. Slow & steady wins the race.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.21.00 AM.png


This homebody-yet-nurturing crab, is a big fan of their new GoHenry account that connects their family’s financials, all in one place.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.21.46 AM.png


Star of the show, freelancer Lions may prefer Lili for their influencer account, while leader lions may trust their business accounts to Bank Novo (and of course a Venmo card on the side to show off its transactions to the public.)

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.23.15 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.23.47 AM.png


Curious and adventurous - Gemini opens an account at every challenger bank it sees, just to check it out...


Together With Fintech Meetup

Before we complete our astrological journey, let's talk about Fintech Meetup. Loads of these challengers will be at the online event March 8-10. Think of Fintech Meetup as lead gen on steroids. It's facilitating 30,000+ 15-minute meetings for 4,000 participants from 2,000 organizations--you’ll get 3 months worth of meetings in just 3 half days!

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Ok, back into astrology. Organized & diligent, practical, this detail-oriented sign likes their One Financial account, where everything can be organized by the "pocket" it belongs in.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.24.42 AM.png


This justice-loving sign, may open two accounts instead of one, just to stay balanced. Everyone deserves better banking, after all. Between Chime & Varo, this sign is quite content with the fairness it receives from their challenger accounts.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.25.07 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.25.20 AM.png


This one isn't telling you which bank they use. Why do you want to know?



This adventure lover needs a bank that can keep up with their travels, without charging all the fees...Passbook it is! Or maybe Happy Money since Sag is all about peace, love, happiness.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.26.21 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.26.44 AM.png


A bank is a bank is a bank. HOWEVER, Capricorn can appreciate that with Acorns, they can earn, save & invest every time they HAVE to spend money.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.28.05 AM.png


One of the first of any signs to experiment with these new “challenger bank accounts," this air sign loves social justice & innovation...Aspiration it is! And perhaps a Dave account, to support the collective.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.27.33 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 7.28.41 AM.png


As symbolized by the fish facing two directions, Pisces wants to open an account where you want them to open an account -- but they have a hard time following through without second-guessing themselves.


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