Hi all, Julie here.

Going to do a little shameless self promotion here, so bear with me.

Early in 2021, Josh Kaplan from Morning Brew (and now founder of SmoothOps) started doing some consulting for us and convinced me to do a podcast. I wasn’t into the idea at first (Josh can attest to this), but as we did more practice episodes and the format evolved, it grew on me.

I think what finally got me to love doing this is making every episode an interview. You see, my two favorite things at Bloomberg were interviewing people (either on stage or on tv) and writing the tech newsletter. I even decided to quit one day later than I was initially planning to because it meant I got to write one more newsletter lol.

Anyways, as we close in on 70 episodes (!), you should definitely subscribe so you don’t miss the two new episodes we put out each week (three weeks on, one week off). And here are some of my favorite episodes to date. Huge thanks to our amazing producer for all the work he does on these!

  1. Ken Lin and Frank Rotman on Credit Karma’s journey
  2. The least told fintech success story of 2021
  3. Coinbase’s NFT launch
  4. How to invest in art or wine, with the founders of Masterworks and Vinovest
  5. Sports marketing and fintech with Public’s Katie Perry
  6. How to invest like Peter Thiel with Alto IRA and Rocket Dollar
  7. State of fintech in Africa with Wiza Jalakasi
  8. Social media influencers and fintech with Current’s Adam Hadi
  9. LGBTQ and banking with Daylight’s Billie Simmons
  10. Marqeta’s founder on how to build a credit card
  11. Modern money movement, with the founders of Modern Treasury and Orum
  12. A look at what comes next after Square buys Afterpay
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