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Hi all, Julie here.

New podcast episode out with Charley! After he wrote about NFTs and his conversation with SHL0MS last week, I wanted to get him to dive deeper into this topic. Take a listen here!

Also, not really fintech related but wow this story is WILD.

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Company News

Inside Robinhood During Its Crisis

Our dear executive friends at Robinhood were saying one thing publicly and another internally, according to new court documents. From CNBC:

“According to the suit, in one instance, Robinhood Chief Operating Officer Gretchen Howard messaged internally that the start-up was facing a ‘major liquidity crisis.’ Publicly, the company’s chief executive said the opposite’... ‘There was no liquidity problem,’ CEO Vlad Tenev told CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin a day later, on Jan. 29."

Crypto Watch

Chinese Crypto Crackdown Shakeouts

As we mentioned on Friday, Beijing implemented a new blanket ban on all cryptocurrency trading and mining, and it’s continuing to have a large impact this week. Crypto exchanges and service providers are scrambling to sever business ties with mainland Chinese clients. Crypto wallet company TokenPocket, for instance, sent a notice to clients that said it would terminate services to mainland Chinese clients that risk violating Chinese policies and would "actively embrace" regulation.

Coinbase Gets Into Direct Deposit

If you are in our FTT Slack, you knew about this on Friday ;) Amongst a few feature announcements at Coinbase is the ability to get direct deposits in crypto. Customers will be able to deposit a portion of their paycheck into Coinbase, of which you can opt to have it converted into crypto automatically. It doesn't have to be Bitcoin either, with any of the cryptos Coinbase offers being an option. Users can also get rewards on Coinbase Card purchases including 1% back in DAI, ETH, DOGE or BTC and 4% back in GRT, XLM, AMP or RLY. Here’s to hoping people get paid on days after Bitcoin decides to fall 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Career Corner

Communications Manager, Industry at Current:

Current is looking for a manager focused on the fintech industry to join its communications team. The ideal candidate is a well-rounded storyteller with an ability to creatively tell a company’s story externally through multiple touchpoints, including securing relevant industry media placements, writing and developing thoughtful press pitches and media materials, writing and editing website and original blog content and staying on top of relevant news cycles to identify new opportunities in both national and local New York media. The ideal candidate is familiar with the fintech industry landscape, has experience and skills in working cross-functionally with internal teams including product, design, technology and people operations in order to creatively tell the story of Current in line with the company’s mission, values and goals, including providing internal communications support for PR initiatives to employees.

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